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July 15, 2009: Just How Dumb . . . ?

Often, as I dump junk email into the Junk Email folder on my computer, I wonder about the subject lines I see.

Much like snake-oil salesman of yore hawking their wares under a tent at the local fair, cybermarketers are determined to fleece the public. We all know there's a sucker born every minute, and we're on guard to prevent being the latest foolish babe.

Two aspects of these unsolicited missives interest me: 1) poor syntax and 2) gullibility categories.

As to the quality of language, I assume the writers did not complete grade school or English is a second (or third) language. Here are some examples:

Your friend has made you and greeding card

Read or your gay

Increasing Seemen And Orgamss

Arouse in secs

Mentally, these remind me of bumper stickers placed crookedly on cars. I retort, "If you want me to vote for your candidate or cause, you're not doing him/her/it any favors by displaying a lack of attention to detail, aesthetic weakness, unfamiliarity with common practises, and general sloppiness." Credibility is key to effective marketing, at least for me.

However, when discussing spam with my youngest daughter recently, she suggested some misspellings of certain words are intentional (like "secs") in order to slip past spam blocking software. Oh, Brother.

As to gullibility, recurring product types seem to say a lot about the insecurities of the computer-owning public. Do the uneducated really think they can Get a degree with no problems? Do the overweight believe they can Lose weight without starving? Do fashionista wannabes think Less Expensive Repilica Watches Can be as Good as Original Watches?

Caveat emptor, everyone!

Today's Fortune Cookie Fortune:
You will not be interested in online gambling.


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There was a very funny comic a few years ago who did a skit on losing weight without diet or exercise. He said, "That pretty much leaves amputation or disease."

August 18, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterTeri Kading

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