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Who Did This?

My father James Graham was a skilled artist. As a commercial exhibit designer, in Houston he created displays for trade shows and conventions for clients such as NASA and oil industry giants like Schlumberger. Later, back in Iowa, he turned to painting as a hobby, preferring the transparency and agile brushwork of watercolor to the working and reworking of oils. He was prolific, capturing Iowa in crisp, classic farm scenes and depictions of rolling countryside, his art appearing on the cover of Wallace's Farmer and in other publications.

Often, when he viewed his completed works, perhaps matted and framed on a gallery wall, the one-time farm-boy would inquire, "Did I do that?"

I have asked myself the same question when studying quilts I have made hanging on the set at Iowa Public Television or in a publication—hundreds of pieces coming together with points mostly meeting, dozens and dozens of printed fabrics combined and cohesive, all contained within a binding much like a painting in a frame. My eyes on my work, I repeat my father's question: "Did I do that?"

Now, after four years of concentrated study and hours of writing, rewriting, revising, and editing per day, I have completed my novel about Mary Shelley, author—at age nineteen—of Frankenstein.

Over the past few weeks, as I printed and edited a series of hard copies, questions arose—Did I actually shoot a fictional arrow into the air on Page 1, and land it 98,520 words later, the story arc within its trajectory cohesive and complete? Did I breathe life into a cast of characters—create from scratch their passions, their suffering, and their joys? Did I? Did I do this?

Apparently so.

Today's Fortune Cookie Fortune:
You will surprise yourself.

Posted on Wednesday, May 3, 2017 by Registered CommenterMarianne Fons | Comments1 Comment

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Hey Marianne,
You write lovely words..Your efforts will be rewarded...

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